About Availability Manager

Availabilty Manager is an easy to use tool for making sure players are available for band jobs and important rehearsals.

About us

Hi, I've been engagements secretary for a brass band for several years. I used to email the members to find out if they were available for jobs and then had to collate the responses in to a spreadsheet. This was very time consuming and sometimes responses got missed.

I tried several websites and apps that claimed to be able help schedule concerts but none of them did quite what I wanted so I decided to create my own.

I've been using Availability Manager with my own band for a couple of years and it's made my life so much easier.

Everyone updates their own availability.

Clear view of who's playing where and when

Everyone with access can see who's playing what part at each job - Not just a list of who's available

It's browser based so there's no software to install and it can be used on any device that has a browser and an internet connection, including smart phones.

Dates, times, parking arrangements and any other details are available to anyone with access.

Easy to use for players

Each player simply logs on and updates their own availability.

Availability can be entered for all jobs on one screen - No messing about with individual emails

Email selected players

Send an email to selected players - not all contacts.

Select just band members or just players at the next job - useful for the conductor to circulate set lists.

Emails are sent without disclosing everyones email addresses

GDPR and Security

It's secure so no one without a login can access it.

It supports compliance with GDPR (everyone has to confirm they are happy for their email addresses to be held)

Email addresses are not shared with any 3rd parties and are not used for marketing.

Help when deciding concert dates

A calendar shows red, amber, green dates based on player unavailability making it easy to choose the best date for a concert

Players unavailable on any date (and part of day) as listed

Affordable price

Subscribe for only £38 per year for the whole band.

Get free months when bands you've recommended sign up.

Availability Manager is being enhanced all the time with lots of improvements planned and any suggestions you have will be considered so why not try it free for 30 days. Simply register below.