Terms and Conditions

By using our Availability Manager you are agreeing to our terms and conditions.

Availability Manager allows users to email other members of the band or group. Your email address will be visible to all administrators of your band/group. Your email address will only be visible to other non administrative users if you email them. By using the email facility you accept that recipients will have visibility of your email address.

The operators of Availability Manager accept no liability for any losses incurred by using Availability Manager.

We reserve the right to temporarily or permanently change or withdraw the service without notice.

An administrator can cancel subscription to the Availability Manager at any time and can request that all details be removed from the site by emailing the operators or using the online contact form.

If you want your details removed from the site you can request your band/group administrator to remove them. If this fails you can request the Availability Manager operators to remove them.

Your Responsibilities

You agree to only use the website for activities related to your band or group.

You agree to only use the email facilities for band/group related activities.

You agree to keep your password secure and not divulge it to third parties.

You agree only to log on with your given username and not to attempt to access others accounts.

Administrator Responsibilities

You agree to keeping band/group details up to date and accurate.

You agree to ensure any personal details are up to date and accurate.

You agree only to sign people up that have an interest in your band/group.

You agree to provide details held about a person if that person requests them.

You agree to remove a person from the site if they request to be removed.

You agree not to share email addresses or personal details with any third parties.

You agree not to put any offensive or defamatory content on the site.

Privacy and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

We take privacy seriously and will not pass personal details to any third parties unless required to by law.

We may occasionally email to provide information about Availability Manager.

The website uses cookies to allow the site to function correctly.

The Availability Manager operators act as Data Processor under GDPR. As such all data is kept secure.

The band/group administrator acts as Data Controller under GDPR. As such administrators must follow the GDPR rules and are individually responsible for compliance with GDPR.

Users of the band/group are Data Subjects under GDPR. You have the right to access what of your personal data is stored which will be done by requesting the information from the band/group administrator who will provide it in a single response. You have the right for your personal details to be removed which will be done by requesting the band/group administrator to remove them and if this fails, by asking the Availability Manager operators to remove them. You will be notified once your details are removed. You will be notified if there are any breaches of security that allows your personal data to be compromised.

Data of players (both members and occasional players that help the band) is used to allow band jobs to be organised and to contact players regarding anything band related, eg rehearsals, band jobs and general meetings.

The personal data shall not be used for any other purpose other than activities of the band and shall not be provided to third parties, except where to comply with registration requirements for contests. Personal data shall only be stored for the period for which it is required. Data which is no longer required, or which is out of date shall be deleted.

Consent is obtained by emailing players when they are added to the site by a band/group administrator which must be confirmed before personal details are used by the site.