Availability Manager - Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How much does it cost?
It costs nothing to try it for the first month, you don't even need to provide any payment details. After that it costs £38 per year to subscribe.

Q2. Do you need to install any software to use it?
No additional software is required. It's accessible through a standard browser so can be used with any computer or smartphone that has internet access.

Q3. Some of our players don't have a computer/smartphone. How will we know their availability?
Your band administrator can log their availability for them either face to face at a rehearsal or over the phone.

Q4. Will players get lots of emails?
No. Whenever new jobs are added, you can use rehearsals to remind players to log in and update their availabilty. Availability Manager does allow emails to be sent reminding players, but players only have to log in once to update their availability for all jobs without having to reply to lots of emails.
Note: We will not pass your details on to any 3rd parties.

Q5. We have a junior band that also does concerts. Can the junior band jobs be managed as well or do we have to purchase a separate subscription?
In theory you could do this but it would be confusing for the band administator and for players. In these circumstances you can purchase an additional annual subscription for £5.

Q6. My question isn't in the list. How do I get an answer?
Check out our Facebook page and message us.

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